Images on a website can really take the site visually to the next level. I love this photo that a client recently chose for her “Connect Page“. It’s really a stunning photo. It’s different and expresses the word “communicate” in a cool and intriguing way. bottle 1

We often get asked how we choose images for a website. Here’s a little “Imagery 101” for choosing photos for a website.

First of all, you cannot just save something from Google and use the image for your websites. That is what we call “copyright infringement” and when building websites for our clients, we always ask what was the origin of the photo and if you have permission to use it.

If you have taken the photo yourself or paid a photographer to take a photo of your products and/or services, then we can use the photos.

In addition to using your own photos or hiring a photographer, we do purchase royalty free stock photos for our clients from the website:

There are photos and illustrations that you can choose from in every category imaginable. For as little as $1 an image, you can buy an image once and have the right to use it in all of your marketing materials.

Royalty free imagery is well worth the price and can convey a message, tone, vibe, feeling and so much more. If you need help with building a website or creating a logo or supporting marketing materials, be sure to contact Business Assist Canada.

We are experts at create unique, user friendly websites for our clients that are visually appealing and meet your company’s goals and expectations! Call or email us today for your free consultation