Graphic Design

What are the objectives or sales goals of the marketing materials you would like to create? Who is the target market that you are trying to attract?

The marketing materials we create are designed specifically to attract your defined target market.

“We always tell our clients that everyone will offer an opinion on your logo design or graphics but the only opinion that matters is that of your target market. While we all respect what Grandma thinks, unless she is your target market, then her opinion does not impact the design.

If you want just a pretty image, you can go anywhere. What we offer is smart, intuitive graphic design to our clients. That’s what our clients pay for and that is what we are proud of creating.”   – Nina Corrie

Print Design

We can create any marketing materials you may require for your company from creating a logo to presentations, brochures, flyers, business cards or designing websites.

Print Materials created by Business Assist Canada also include a call to action; whether it is for your customer to buy a product or make a phone call.

“We believe in simple, clean design. However, our design approach is unique as its based on a combination of design and marketing experience. While the design is very important, our team is always very focused on how the end design will impact marketing and business development results.”

With the audience always in mind, our designs are always clean, precise and results driven. We combine high quality, creative images with an effective layout and a direct message to your customers. The goal is not to just create an impressive design but to achieve your marketing and sales goals of selling your product or service.

If you are interested in hiring Business Assist Canada to design your graphics, then be sure to call us today! Call 778-242-1454 or email us at Business Assist Canada to get started today.