What are the top 3 mistakes we often see on websites?

We see our fair share of websites in both our personal and work life. We often redo websites that have been created by clients on their own or by a friend or student.

While we love the fact that our new clients have taken the initiative to build an online presence, we often come across the same mistakes over and over again.

Just don’t do it!

canstockphoto29322581 smThe biggest issues we see on websites are all related to copyright issues. We’ve all heard the phrase:

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

While this may be true in day to day life – think again when it comes to marketing your company.

It’s not okay to copy and paste from another website and it is certainly not okay to right click and save images from anywhere on the web.

I’ve heard a few times from people, “Well, it’s all public domain once its on the internet so I can use it on my website”.

That actually incorrect. It is public for viewing but all content, written or graphic all belongs to someone. Without finding out who the orignal source of the said material and obtaining permission to use that material, by copying and pasting, you are violating copyright laws.

Besides this fact, how would you feel if a competitor took content from your website. Ah, that golden rule of “Do unto others” applies to every aspect of life including website design!

[callout_box title=”Do NOT copy content from other websites.” subtitle=”It doesn’t matter if the company is located on another continent or you feel like you have the same point of view. Copy and paste is not okay – and of course is illegal..”]
[callout_box title=”Do not steal images from Google” subtitle=”Never use someone else’s work of examples of what you can do. Take the time to take your own photos, hire a photographer or purchase royalty free stock photography. “]
[callout_box title=”Update your website & blog regularly.” subtitle=”Update content, write a blog, update services and product information. Don’t just build an online, static brochure. Integrate social media accounts and constantly drive traffic to your website.”]

What is a good website?

So what do we want you to do? Well, hiring a team such as Business Assist Canada who are experts in all things marketing is a step in the right direction.

Our team is built of programmers, designers, writers and photographer who can all help you build original content for your website and social media accounts.

We also educate and train our clients on what they can do on their own to build content daily or weekly for their online presence.

Here are some great tips on what you can do to build an interactive, “sticky” website that will attract your clients and potential clients to reach the goal of increased sales.

[list icon=”check” color=”accent”]

[li]Blog! You are an expert at what you do. Write about it! [/li]

[li]Take photos of products, travel, happy clients etc [/li]

[li]Update social media accounts & link them to your site! [/li]


[list icon=”check” color=”accent”]

[li]Update your site with product updates, news & events  [/li]

[li]Don’t just collect content – add it to your website[/li]

[li]Do what you do best and hire us to do the rest! [/li]


A Great Investment

At the end of the day, your website should be working for you and resulting in increased exposure, credibility and of course, sales!

Good luck with our tips and if you need help with your website, please call Business Assist Canada at: 604-636-8527.