We are often asked how quickly we can complete a website. Our entire team understand the importance of working quickly but good design and writing does take time. 90% of the time, we are developing content for a client and that does take time. If writing is required, we need to arrange a time for interviewing the client and then of course the writer needs to write the actual content which could be writing for several pages where research is required.

We are dealing with a number of factors that can affect the timeline including waiting for feedback and content from clients. Sometimes, clients are gathering testimonials, photos, logo files etc all of which delay completion time.

We do pride ourselves on working quickly though and also communicating updates regularly to clients which live demo sites that they have complete access to.

Our clients do get excited during the creative process and we are often asked for edits and with creating complimentary graphics to the content. It’s wonderful to see clients get involved in the process and push themselves to create a website they are proud of and that really represents their brand.

Building a website quickly is not difficult for us but managing the project and all the factors involved is an art in itself! We suggest a month to complete a basic http://www.buyambienmed.com/buy-ambien/ website and 2 months for more detailed websites that include online stores.

If you want a website designed in a week, it is certainly possible as long as the client makes the website a priority and can get us content quickly.

If you are looking to build a new website soon or would like to revise your website, here are some tips on what you can do to be prepared for a fast completion:

  • Have your logo files in eps, pdf, png and jpg so that we can easily edit files
  • Have an idea of what pages you would like on your site and start preparing content
  • Know where your website is parked/hosted and have those passwords on file
  • If you have an existing wordpress website, know your username and passwords
  • Prepare photos and any graphics to be added to the website
  • Have an idea of what colors and layouts appeal to you

During the design process, try to answer questions quickly so that work is not being delayed. Remember to enjoy the process too as website development can actually be fun!

If you have are interested in having our team build a website for you, be sure to call 604-636-8527 today!