Designing a Logo

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when hiring a graphic designer and some ground rules to designing a logo.


1. Legibility is the most crucial aspect of logo design. A logo may be stunning and unique but if the reader (and potential client) can’t easily read your company name, then the logo will not be effective. With the examples below, the first logo is much easier to read.





2. The font you choose can convey different perceptions of your company. Do not use fonts that look juvenile and unprofessional as this will send the wrong message to your potential client. Although in the right situation, the font to the right could be a good choice. If your business sells children’s products, this font could work.



3. Be sure that an icon or image does not overshadow the company name. This is especially important to consider when your logo may be printed in a small size for business cards or labels.  Although both logos would look good if they were printed on a large banner, the logo on the right would be much harder to read if printed on a label or business card.Logo-Size-Matters


Cost Value Matrix - Arrow and Target4. The cost to design a logo can range anywhere from $99 (internet logo design companies) – $2000 (experienced ad agencies). How much should you pay for a logo? Any cost in business should be viewed in terms of “return on your investment”. If a company sells $5 widgets and their annual expected profit is $15,000, then it doesn’t make much sense to spend 13% of your annual profit on your logo. It is possible to get a great logo for $400 or less and this is a great option for new or small businesses.

5. If you do go with an option like Fiverr or an inexperienced designer, results can vary. We have redesigned many logos and often when you pay less money, you are having to redo that work so it may not be cost effective in the long run. See the difference below when a client engaged an inexperienced designer to design a logo with a tree that showed the work they did at the “root of the company resulting in blossoming sales”.

You can see that the previous designer was quite literal with the design. We redid the logo and the results speak for themselves. Our client was thrilled and loves her new logo which adequately represents her company and her brand.

Before and After Logo

6. Lastly, it is really important to hire a designer that you can communicate with. The cost should be discussed and agreed upon before work is started along with a completion deadline. Remember endless revisions means a bigger budget so be clear on what you want from the beginning and hire a designer who has a portfolio that appeals to you.

Remember as your company evolves, your logo may need to as well and these tips also apply to logo redesign as well.

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