kim2We have been working with our client, award winning makeup artist, Kim Basran for the last two years. Kim is thrilled with her website,

Her website is both beautiful and compelling, all while leading clients and potential clients through her vast experience and portfolio. Kim’s work is presented in a logical manner that is very easy to navigate through. Within a few minutes of being on the website, the readers get a sense of the amazing talent that leads this company.

Her clients are even able to share their wedding photos the day of the wedding with family and friend’s overseas. Kim is also delighted to share her adventures through her two blogs, “The Makeup Diaries and “Kim Says”.

Kim’s website also ranks in either the #1 and #2 spot on google when searching for “Indian Makeup Artist Surrey”. Her placement fluctuates between these two spots but has been in the top 2 for the last year.

The website has achieved the goals that the owner had in mind and in doing so has met the goals of Business Assist Canada as well!